Written by Victor DeBonis

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In retrospect, “Tom and Jerry” honestly could’ve been a decent or entertaining film, and I tried my hardest to find the joy from this movie. Setting the first film in a long time with this duo is something that I honestly am surprised didn’t happen earlier, since they entertained others for so many years.

While I found a greater fascination to the Looney Tunes characters as a kid, I did enjoy the “Tom and Jerry” shorts quite well and know family that love them. Also, when I was younger, I actually did love the “Tom and…

Written by Victor DeBonis

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Love is an extremely complicated experience. Relationships, in particular, are complicated as well in the sense that, as much as we want to make things go completely right with them, there will always be something different about another person that just catches us off-guard and has us fall head over heels for that other person and transforms us. That can be for better or worse. Sometimes, when a relationship heads too far south, it can be hard to know what to make of where you and the other person need to go after that, especially if…

A Movie Review by Victor DeBonis

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“The Little Things” is a 2021 detective movie that has a few neat ideas and wants to stand out from other entries of its genre with a feel and style of its own, which is admirable, but it ends up not being anything particularly different or as deep as it is trying to be. This is a shame because it possesses sincere talent with its main actors and its director, John Lee Hancock, who has made good movies in the past, such as “The Founder” and “Saving Mr. Banks.” …

Written by Victor DeBonis

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2020 is a year that we can all agree that we’re immensely satisfied to have in the rear view mirror. For pandemic-related reasons and others, trying to make our way through that miserable, seemingly endless year could feel as though there was nothing but heartbreak, misery, and pain at any directions that we tried to take. …

Written by Victor DeBonis

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For many animation fans, including myself, Genndy Tartakovsky is a name that is met with much respect and awe. He’s widely known for the delightful zaniness between the brother-sister pair of the late 90’s cartoon, “Dexter’s Laboratory” and he wowed both kids and adults with his surreal action cartoon from the 2000’s known as “Samurai Jack.” …

A Movie Review By Victor DeBonis

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From the first five minutes or so that begin Disney’s version of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” there’s a strong sense that this film is aiming for a different type of tale than the studio is normally accustomed to. The calming voices of those from the choir, followed by their powerful chanting and the gorgeous, almost angelic vision of Paris’ towers piercing through the clouds, slowly brings the audience into this world before the backstory of this film’s hero is depicted, one that involves a villain almost drowning a disfigured infant and reflecting with…

An Essay Written By Victor DeBonis

Photo Credit: Victor DeBonis

For the longest time, up until this past week, at over 30 years, I had never been to a drive-in theater before. This is strange to admit, given that I’m a film writer of sorts and have shared nothing less than high enthusiasm for movies, in general. I’d always been fascinated whenever I watched an older movie from the 60’s or 70’s when it would show that familiar scene of lines of cars sitting in front of that massive outdoor screen to watch some romance or campy horror flick. Even in more modern movies…

A Movie Review by Victor DeBonis

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Spike Lee’s latest film, “Da 5 Bloods” is the type of movie that I’d been wanting to see for a while, now. In a time when theaters had been economically hurt bad by the situation at hand and are, at the time of this review, just starting to open back up again, this film came along and forced me to sit through every bit of its admittedly heavy running time (155 minutes) with suspense, and it never once left me bored or feeling that certain parts need to be cut from this epic war…

A Review Written By: Victor DeBonis

Photo: Walt Disney Pictures

The early 2000’s was both a tough and interesting time for Disney films. It was tough because, as 2-dimensional animated films, particularly those of the fairy-tale genre from the previous decade, were starting to phase out and 3-dimensional animated films were starting to become more of the norm, the Mouse started doing entering an experimental phase of sorts with its animated films. It was a strange period of time when Disney did what it could to stray a bit away from the fairy-tale image. …

A Movie Review by Victor DeBonis

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“Ever After” is a smart, amusing, and heartfelt example of the fairy-tale film genre that embraces the same spirit and playfulness of its heroine and makes one want to see how she achieves her dreams with every step. The tale of Cinderella has been retold through countless cultures and storytellers before, including the animated Disney film as arguably the most popular and familiar retelling. Where this 1998 film takes a few steps further in its approach, however, is utilizing a clever script that gives the soon-to-be princess and the story itself a highly courageous…

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